We view the FREE Project as a highly attractive and cost-effective opportunity to guarantee our business and wellness guests, particularly train passengers, independent and high mobility on site. The ecological aspect to all this is obviously key here. This is because protecting the environment, ecological awareness, and sustainability are serious matters!

  • Comprehensive, environmentally-friendly mobility, all from one source
  • Our guests, as well as any other registered users of the einfach mobile and Flinkster car-sharing service providers, can use the charging station and hire an electric vehicle.

Package prices:

  • €25 for 4 hours' use of an electric car
  • €35 for 8 hours' use of an electric car
  • €45 for 12 hours' use of an electric car

Would you like to hire a car? Feel free to contact us! We will inform you about the conditions, prices and availability of your chosen date.

The detailed press release of the FREE Project is available for downloaden here.