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3 parks - 3 palaces

Kassel is a documenta city and is considered to be one of the most significant museum locations in Germany. For example, the Wilhelmshöhe Palace hosts one of the world's largest Rembrandt collections.

Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe is unique in the world and one of the main sights of the city. In just a few minutes you can reach the classicist summer residence Schloss Wilhelmshöhe (1786–98) - one of the last large buildings of absolutism - which was built instead of the hunting lodge of the Landgrave Moritz under Wilhelm IX. The landscaped garden on the slope of the Habichtswald nature park is one of the largest mountain parks in Europe and represents a unique cultural monument. Here, two epochs of European garden art are harmoniously combined into one unit - the baroque complex with the octagon towering over the cascades, as well as a spacious park in the style of English landscaped gardens. The outstanding sights and attractions include the Hercules, the water features, Wilhelmshöhe Castle, the Löwenburg, the large greenhouse and the ball house.

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Schlosspark Wilhelmsthal

From Wilhelmshöhe, the path over Rasenallee goes north. After about 9km near Calden, the visitor will come upon a Rococo jewel - a piece of France on Hessian soil.


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Karlsaue Park

The oldest of the landgrave's three parks was created beneath the former royal palace outside the medieval town. From the Renaissance pleasure garden Moritzaue, which lay on the tip of a marshy river island between two branches of the Fulda, Landgrave Karl created an extensive Baroque park complex in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, which dates from 1680.

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Schloss Wilhelmshöhe

Experience a journey through time about science and technology from ancient times to the present!


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In previous times, a court theatre for King "Funny", now a location for changing exhibitions from April to October.

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Museum of the Brothers Grimm

Experience a fairy tale journey through the life and works of the Grimm brothers and family!




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Hessian State Museum

Discover art and cultural history from the 12th to the 20th century. It features three large exhibitions "Vor- und Frühgeschichte" (Pre- and early history), "Deutsches Tapetenmuseum" (German wallpaper museum) and "Kunsthandwerk und Plastik" (Arts and crafts and sculpture).


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One special attraction in Schlosspark Wilhelmshöhe is the Löwenburg. Today, it houses a collection of old weapons, armour, and Casseler porcelain. On mild summer evenings, the castle courtyard is used as the backdrop for romantic music—it is simply magical!


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